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use of nippers...

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I'm talking about what I think are farriers hoof nippers. I see them with smithing tools all the time. I've used them to lever nails out of boards, half the ebay auctions for tongs are nippers. I even bought a cheap pair at the flea a couple of weeks ago. The price was right and the handles had a nice springy feel to them. My hope, despite looking suspiciously cast, is the heat and bend the jaws for holding RR spikes.

"get to the question" (screams voice in head) Is there a blacksmithing use for these things that I've been missing? I could maybe see cutting off thin stock, nothing over 3/8ths and orange hot at that. Or are they strictly a farriers tool that gets lumped in with other blacksmith stuff?


Michael, glad to have IFI back

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Hoof nippers in my oppinion would make terrible tongs. They have to much carbon and will likely break on you from quenching. All the nippers I have seen are drop forged which leaves a cast looking line around them, the better nippers have all that cleaned off. do you have any pics that would help to identify what you have.

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Hoof nippers look a lot like pull offs,,,used for removing shoes for the hoof. Pull offs make great tools if you reshape the working ends,,All the pull offs I have seen or used had a little ball forged onto the end of the reins. Nippers do not have the ball. Most have a little flare on the end. Nippers are indeed made from tool steel and like above would likely not survive a quench from hot. GE is one of the better made nippers and run roughly $150 a pair. If you find any of the above for a good price buy them..If they are nippers,,especially if they are GE and they have some life left in them a farrier will likely let you walk away with some profit.

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