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My "new" anvil

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Hi all,

I bought my first anvil yesterday. It's a bit battered, with quite a big chip taken out of one of the edges, but it has plenty of sharp(ish) edges and flat surfaces. Seems to rebound ok when I hit it and it rings really nicely.

It cost me £75 which is a lot cheaper than some of the similar size anvils I've seen go on ebay recently.

I can't see any makers mark or weight stamp on there though. I'm guessing it's about 70-80kg. I can just about lift it off the ground but can feel things breaking inside me when I try :)

Any one got any idea who the maker might be, or even what sort of age it is? I believe it's post-1835 because of the pritchel hole?





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Thanks guys :) I've attacked it with a wire brush after I took the pics but no makers mark so far... will give it another go with a bit more elbow-grease this evening.

Can't wait to get working on it but need to build my forge first!

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great anil mate i lke the ones with two horns,mine is a london pattern of one & a half hundreadweight. when i am not using it for a while i rub it over with boiled linseed oil,It keeps the rust off & dries out.keeps it looking good.

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You never know, it might shatter the first time I give it a proper whack! But yeah, I'm pretty pleased with it :)

Son if ya can shatter that one with a good whack Please stay on your side of the pond. Enjoy my friend(as I am sure ya will) Get it HOT and hit it HARD.
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Now Mark there are those shop drawings that show the anvil oriented with the horn towards the smith too....hard to keep a pointless argument down and later we'll have dead horse pate...

But, but, but, I thought that might rear its ugly head but........ :P

Steak anyone?
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Yeah she is a looker.. A very nice shape... (not condition, the actual shape... Condition seems a bit rough but hard to tell until you get her clean) I have not seen one like that with the hardie set to one side.... I really like anvils with a long bick and the slope away beard underneath..

You did good!

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