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  1. What anvil is the best of all the new ones made today? I was thinking about getting a kohlswa or Vaughan's. The problem with getting a kohlswa is that i can't get one i don't know where to get them new. So i was thinkning about vaughan's. Are they good and do they have an annoying ring to it?
  2. Can you use a hot slitting chisel to make the cut in the sword guard? If you can't what type are you suppose to use?
  3. Hi, I'm just about to start blacksmithing and all i need is a leg vise. I got into blacksmithing through alot of fantasy books that had swords and smiths.
  4. Does anyone know where to get a leg vise cheap. I've checked ebay and they are mostly $200+
  5. I was watching a wierd Japanese show and they were doing a Katana demo. The samurai cut through steel pipe and plate. Is that actually possible? I found the video of it on Youtube, click on the link and see for yourself. It's in Japanese but you don't have to worry about it. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=RyO46RQhYkQ
  6. Which one is better for making a sword? Which one is less brittle and Which one can hold an edge better?
  7. I was planning to Heat it up to 1600 degrees in a longer coal forge and quench it in a tube a peanut oil.
  8. Hey guys, I was planning to forge a sword and i was wondering about tempering it. I'm gonna use 5160 spring steel. Which is a leaf spring i got right now. I was wondering if there were anyways of tempering it besides an oven or torch?
  9. Hey guys, so I'm planning to get a new anvil soon and i came across a brand called Vaughan's, from The UK. I am planning to get their 112 lb anvil. It costs £436.26, Which is about $670.(+ shipping to Canada) Is it worth the price? Are they good anvils? And does anyone here use them?
  10. Nice anvil mate! Gonna look great if you clean it up alittle.
  11. I'm not sure those are the actual prices. I checked out the Vaughan's website and they sell 140 lb anvils for 460 pounds which is about $788.
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