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Just had one of my students call me up and ask what a 600# anvil is worth, a friend of his had a grandparent die recently and the family doesn't know how to deal with the anvil...it's in VA, too far for me to get but I'm still tracking it down remotely. (bet it's a lot lighter than 600# though!)

(of course if it *is* a 600# double horned footed anvil in great condition----well my sister and brother in law live in Manassas....)

*networking* is everything when hunting anvils! Yoicks & Tally-Ho!

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I'm just over the state line in North Carolina and if it's fairly close to this end of the state, I'd be willing to pick it up for anyone that could purchase it and hold it till they can secure shipping for it.
Seriously. This way it won't be "The one that got away."
If I can help someone just let me know.

Mark <º)))><

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Hey; most likely this will be a 75 pound vulcan anvil with horn and heel broken off that they want 22 $/# for. Most ones "get away" and should! I don't need another big anvil and even if it's a good one I'd most likely pass the deal to someone who is local to it. (Now if it's *mint* and a dollar a pound I'd be tempted!)

The point I wanted to make is how expansive networking really is. Here I am in NM and I hear about a possible anvil deal in VA---the old "6 degrees of separation" at work.

Still waiting on an update. My student who is currently the "interface" is working two jobs and so isn't easy to get a hold of...

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Six degrees, indeed! I was talking to a bud the other day (maybe six months ago) about anvils and he said he had his grandad's in his back yard. I've known this guy for years and drank many a beer with him. $30 and the promise of a knife, and I now have a 120# Wilkinson that's seen better days. Solid anvil, especially for the money.

And I wouldn't mind a trip to VA for a BIG anvil. The 120'er is the biggest and only anvil in my shop, so I wouldn't mind traveling a bit to get somethign bigger and better!

Keep me in mind....

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