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Portable Cement Mixer as a tumbler??

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If you want a aggressive media when using a tumbler, throw in a bunch of nails or small drops, welding rod ends, holes from punching etc. When your finished, dump the tumbler media out onto a screen and the dust etc will fall away from the media that can be reused.

If you add sand and a little boiled linseed oil and tumble a bit longer, the steel comes out with a nice oil finish.You can save and reuse the sand adding more linseed oil as needed.

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We use a concrete mixer.

I eventually removed all the paddles from the inside so that the sliding is smooth, and the noise is much less.
I did try gravel and sand but eventually bought some proper polishing media that did a much better job.
Together with that we bought a rust inhibiting soap that we threw in the mix with water, and it makes the loveliest grey foam, especially when you put in too much.

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I used one of the small cement mixers from HF, without the paddles.
First used small pea gravel, worked OK but slow.
Used sandblast media [black beauty] also worked OK.
Got some punchout scraps and that works best and very fast.
I bought a roll of 1/2 inch thick felt from ebay and rubber cemented 2 8 inch bands of that around the OUTSIDE of the drum., upper and lower.
Fast, efficient and QUIET.
Just the punchouts- nothing else mixed with it.

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