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Blacksmith Groups in Twin City Areas??

Guest DanielT

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Guest DanielT

I just accepted a new job in Minneapolis (bloomington area) and will be relocating there from Cinci once my house sells.

Anyone know of a good blacksmithing group in the Twins Cities or a good place to take classes?

Any one from Minneapolis? I will be staying in a hotel Mon-Friday for a while so would love to have something to do at night vs sit in a hotel room.


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Welcome to the area Dan!
There are a couple of groups that hold occasional meetings+get togethers as in the links in the previous post.
Smithing season is kind of on hold for another month or two due to seasonal weather but I'll tell ya.....the itch is coming on hard!!

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Hi Dan,

Over 300 memberships and about 500 people involved in the Minnesota Guild of Metalsmiths. Check out the website and you can downlosd the current monthly Forum newsletter. You can check the newsletters calendar for dates that match your stay.


There will surely be something that interests you among this friendly group. Join up once you get settled.

Henry Votel
Forest Lake, MN

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My name is Karen Johnson and I am a Career Navigator at Goodwill Easter Seals. I assist individuals to find employment.  I am working with a student who would like to enter the profession of blacksmithing and he would like to know more about the profession. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to answer some of his questions such as in an informational interview? We would meet via ZOOM and the interview would be for 45 minutes to one hour. Please let me know if anyone would be willing to help out! I appreciate your assistance.


Thanks, Karen

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Steve: I believe Karen is asking help WAY out of her area of expertise. Goodwill is a charitable organization often helping the disabled and handicapped. She could use some more direct help, once the "I don't know anything but this is how I'd do it," guys start making suggestions she'll be swamped by nonsense.

Maybe PM her and get a better idea of what she needs or just move her post to the appropriate place. 

Heck we have lots of members with experience answering these kinds of question for folk who need help understanding things. Maybe just let the forum have it? I would've volunteered already but I'm out of my depth and know it. Dang it, I'm fumbling now.

Frosty The Lucky.


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