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Help the Spring Fund Drive

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Hi All,
Just a quick note. We all should try to pitch in some $$$ for the spring fund drive. This is a FREE fantastic educational Blacksmiths site which I feel strongly that I/we need to support more. I know times are tough-I've had the worst winters business sales in the 8 years I've been in business(but they say the economy is getting better-baloney) but I scraped up 20 bucks. If money is tight, please donate a buck or two-the price of a cup of coffee. Glen and the guys do all this stuff for no pay, and it takes a LOT of time. The least we can do is pony up to do our part. There is a whole lot of members-we should be able to come up with 500 bucks or so between all of us. Please do what you can to help-I imagine that any donation is more than welcome and will be appreciated by all the people who go to the site.
Thank you all in advance for your help,
Mark Emig

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I'll tag on to the other Marks post.

Glenn and Andrew and everyone that donates time, knowledge, suggestions, opinions, etc deserve to have some help from the rest of us "takers". Like the other Mark said, coffee money will help.

A special note to those that perpetually whine: (You know who you are!) <_<
Rather than complain about things that really make no difference in the grand scheme of things, cough up a couple of bucks and be part of the cure rather than part of the problem.


p.s. If you really can't give it is understandable. I'm just trying to make those that can give yet won't, feel guilty. :D

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I second or rather, third these posts. I donated $40 because i have obtained so much knowledge, support, and friendships from this site. Glen and other administrators work tirelessly to keep this site up and running. This site is an invaluable tool that brings us together to learn and make new friends, whats a few bucks? Imagine how many hours we spend here, imagine what you spend to go to the movies, this i worth more than a movie.

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Whilst I agree and suport the 'idea' of the donation for me and I supose numerous others based in the 3rd world we have exchange control regulations that make it difficult to 'buy' intangeble items like lottery tickes ect. over the internet. Gifts and donations fall into the same category. I would be happy to overpay $20 on some DVD's etc. just so that my c/card slip reflects a purchase............
Glen please PM me on this.
Thanks Ian

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