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I Forge Iron

Paper towel holder

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I think it's around 600 degrees! In the dark the steel is the deepest cherry before black heat when it starts taking color.
In the light it is black!

I usually heat to a deep cherry, wire brush to clean, and then brass. If it is too hot, keep brushing until it begins to take color. Keep brushing until it quits taking color!

I made a jig for my dinner bells "dablacksmith."

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That's a nice bunch of pix and great narrative. Two of my favorite things on your page.
The word and blacksmithing.

Really enjoyed that format. Well put together blog. I never read peoples blogs but will revisit your again. Well done. The brass finish was nice touch.

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Good, clean, fun and informative posts Dave, thanks very much! Enjoyed all of it. Seems you're also a fan of Daniel Boone. I have his new book and he's an amazing craftsman. Instead of using a piece of steel to make the indentation where the two screws go, he uses the ball pien end of a ball pien hammer, under his tredle hammer.. It really dresses it up. Keep it coming, lots of fun to read. Still love the Breakfast, Er Lunch, er Dinner (there we go) bells!

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I've heard the name Daniel Boon in reference to a blacksmith that is known for animal heads and such! Never met him or seen his work that I know of.
So he's using "my" method for screw holes more or less??? LOL
I know what you are talking about with the ball peen hammer. I like the result, but I'd never thought of using the ball peen hammer for the job! I've got TONS of old BP hammers so I may end up switching!

Thanks for all of the other comments on my blog! It's fun to do and doesn' take a lot of extra time to get all of the pictures. I try to update it regularly as my grandparents check it daily. :lol: It's their way of keeping up with me!
My blog link is always at the bottom of my posts so keep pace with it and drop me a comment. As long as you have a Gmail account you should be able to sign in and comment.

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