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Remembering Tom Clark

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I realise this dates me horribly, but I remember seeing that first video on tv, the show was (I think) "Real People" or "That's Incredible" and my whole family would sit and watch it. This was back in the days of three major networks for you younger folks, when we didn't have 500 channels and nothing on. I was amazed then with his skill and watching this again I am still amazed.

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I had the privilage to meet Mr. Clark and buy my power hammer from him. I did not know of his wood abilities though.

I remember growing up as a young man and having to split 40 cord of wood by hand a year to heat our house in Northern Michigan. You do not get his skills without alot of practice. The first item my brother in law bought when I move out and went to college was a log splitter, the second was a snowblower and the third was a riding law mower.

Sorry I got a little off track. <_<

I really do admire Mr. Clark and what he has done for blacksmithing and feel very lucky to have spent some one on one time with him.

Thanks for posting!

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Thanks for posting the two video clips
It was great to see Tom again in his prime.
Once I got to watch him use his axe to slice Clifton Ralph's $50 bill in half. That was a very sharp axe
Tom then put the two halfs in his pocket and when Clifton was asking for it back Tom explained he was too buisy and went on to explain his pattened axe and the principals behind it. Tom the split Clifton's cigarette in half the long way just as he did the wooden match in the video. It only took the one swing no need for practice attempts.

Clifton did get his money back

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What fun to see these again! We would watch these old clips during our lunch breaks at his blacksmith school. They brought back memories of a fantastic week. I was fortunate to spend one evening with Tom as he finished up a run of hammers, I got one of them and it is my pride and joy. Tom was a very unique individual. The "pink bunny" of the blacksmithing world! Thank you Tom Clark. and Thank you Tsur Sadan and Brian Brazeal for sharing.

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