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  1. I got a new picture from Chuck Ward and some Leather for the blade so I figured you guys might want to check it out. And here is with the sheath that Butch Hagedorn made for it:
  2. I did not know he was a skilled wood cutter as well.
  3. Looks like you have it well planned out!
  4. Thanks! If you want to know a bit more about the inlaying process here is an article from the man I learned from, Joe Keeslar: Part one http://www.blademag.com/article/silverwireinlaypartone/ Part two http://www.blademag.com/article/silverwireinlayparttwo/
  5. I just finished this one up last week. It has a blade of 5160 and a curly maple handle with silver wire inlays of eight point stars. The fittings are German silver.
  6. I wouldn't mind having a sea robin. Seeing as how I have a stuffed one on the wall in my shop it would probably be appropriate.
  7. When are you in Little Rock? There is a group of Bladesmiths that meet the last Thursday of each month. The Arkansas Custom Knife Show is also in Feb. 12-13. Plus, there is a free museum the Historic Arkansas Museum which has a great knife exhibit. I don't live in Little Rock, but I will be up there for the show (as I have a table) and the Bladesmiths meet up.
  8. I just picked up a new rounding hammer made by Bob Patrick. He is a talented blacksmith and my go to guy for tongs. A nice hammer for one of the cheapest prices I have found for a hammer not made in a factory.
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