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Fire place tools


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I finished work on a fire place set for my boss, it is a very simple design nothing too fancy. the tools were forged out of 1/2 inch round, I ran it though the power hammer under flat dies so it looks forged, then draw out the end and form a simple loop. The poker was drawn to a point then folded back and forge welded and drawn out to the point. The other tools are pretty much self explanatory. The base was a round cut out from the scrap yard, approx 8 inch diameter x 1 inch thick turned on the lathe, per customers request

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Thanks guys for the kind remarks, Naz the "bell" for the broom is just a piece of sch 40 pipe 1 inch diameter necked down in a guillotine tool, the dies have a half moon like shape to them
And yes it was fun Bob, although it did get frustrating at times, only working for a few hours at a time it can be difficult to keep the parts consistent, and trying to do too many things at one time when you turn to look at the forge and it looks like the 4th of July (oops too hot)
My boss was real happy with it so that is rewarding, he told me again this morning and said it looks good by the fire place

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I made my first fireplace set recently as well, still leaves a lot to be desired on the broom tying, but really had fun doing it and the clients were really happy! They only gave me 3 weeks to get it done before Christmas, and with my schedule, that was really really pushing it, but it was a first for me, and details I normally would have not been happy about, were all ok'd by the client, so what the heck, it paid well, and I learned a lot.




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I will go with the "leaves a lot to be desired" as well. that looks like it will tip over at any moment, I hope it is not in a windy area

"leaves a lot to be desired" does not help improve the project or his work. What would YOU suggest to improve the project?

I would suggest that the base should extend out as far as any of the tools, or be as heavy as the rest of the project combined (plus a little) or both.Make the split for the fork down the middle then draw out the two tines to match in size (not length). Cut them to the same length. For the wooden handles, I would suggest peining the metal ends down to match into the wood, much like a rivet. This can be done cold, then file to remove any sharp spots and blend into the wood.
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I was told early on to be proud of the first items you make even if they do not look the best. We all start somewhere. I always keep my first attempts to show people. Then show them what I can do now and tell them the only difference between the two is more practice.

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