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  1. I have all kinds of hammer handles, smooth, dimpled, groved, short, long, fat, skinny and the one I use the most is a 2.5lb cross peen with a 14inch handle that has 4 finger groves and a thumb grove on both sides. I think it's all about you and what works for you. Try a few different handles and see witch one you like best. My best friend plays hockey and all his hammers have the same tape on them he uses on his hockey stick...I can't stand it but he loves it!
  2. Very nice. Need one myself!
  3. they look great! next time try adding a twisted handle to one. :D
  4. Looks great! As for the pommel you could always go old school. Leave the tang just a little long and pein it like a rivet. The first knife I ever saw made was done like that...I bought it and the handle is still tight on it after 25 years. I have also seen the end of the tang threaded with a matching thread in the pommel. Just a few ideas hope it helped. TC
  5. very nice! what are you going to finish the handle with?
  6. I buy old steel wire racks at yard sales and flea markets. You can get them for next to nothing, have even fished a few out of the trash. There is plenty of 1/4 and 3/16 stock in them. The short lengths make it easy to forge your own rivets. Just remember to take a magnet with you while shopping. Because I have found a lot of aluminum racks around. TC
  7. Having 18 years with Stoudsburg Fire Dept. I must say, That is the best use of welding and smithing skills I've seen in many years! Nicely done! And tell your son congrats! TC
  8. I like to make overhand knots out of 3/8's round. The look on everyones face is priceless! And they also make pretty cool key chains.
  9. SNOW!!! Thats all thats on my anvil this weekend! :angry:
  10. looks like my back yard in PA. Now the wind has moved in and the temp is dropping like a stone! Stay warm TC
  11. that is very neat..thanks for the post
  12. The only thing that make me cringe about power hammers is the price! I built my 30lb hammer for the cost of a 1 1/2hp motor and the scrap steel. Figure welding rods and power to melt them the steel and motor...I have 225 dollars in a hammer that I know every inch of it and can fix anything that may go wrong. Been running good with steady use for 2 years now. I do however see the photos of some hammers that look dangerous at best. Building a hammer is not for a novice mechanic, and if a novice wants to build one please reach out for some help! TC
  13. I don't know if I would weld on a motor housing. Motors are not cheap and if you burn the varnish off the winding's your at least going to drop HP if not burn it up. And that photo looked like a lot of weld. I have been known to make U bolts out of all-thread and use that to mount the motor. TC
  14. I have to agree with Glenn...I have made some horrible stuff over the years, things that went straight in the scrap been! The only way anyone gets better is practice and constructive criticism. TC
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