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I've been making blades from chainsaw chain for little over a year. I know a guy that runs a few crews in tree cutting business and he gives me all the used chains and bars. You can control the pattern by the way you stack the chain and the way you fold the billet but it really is trial and error.

Here are a few examples






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I have made two. I have pics of the first one, although I think that the second one came out better. I don't know if it was the different brand of chain or if it was in the etching. They were both done similar, but i think that I might have over etched the first one. I think that they were about 8" or 9" long made from one 20" chain. This one is an "Oregon" brand. The one that turned out better was a "Stihl" I think that the the Stihl is a better quality chain then the Oregon brand. I'm not really sure though. I etched it in Ferric Chloride (about 25%) for about an hour.

P.S. This was my first knife I made as an adult. I had tried to make some when I was a about 14. That was quite a while ago!!



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I've made a few and what i did to make welding easier was to attach the chain onto both sides of a old file with baling wire. Then you can hold onto everything easier. it takes more than one chain to make a average sized blade. good luck

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