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  1. i am not just jerking you around i am here to learn. i am not i troll on this website that is not helpful to any one anyway. not that you even have the right to know that pistol worked out just fine. it is hanging up on my wall. i have tested it with ten shot 3 times the recommended amount of black powder. before i even shot it with half the recommended amount of black powder in my hand.i do not recommend this to young smiths i want all y'all to have y'all's fingers. you ask me about pics i am not going to give you them not because i do not have them but because y'all aint worthy of them. if y'all can't be nice. by the way on my previous post about the rr spike pistol i said i made guns out of pipe. i did not mean the pipe you buy at the hardware store. it was 5mm seamless grade 3 ti with a wall thickness of 3mm 1.5 times as much as my m16. if you guy are going to keep on raging my about all this then you just lost a valuable member to the smithing community. and on the guns trust me i packed the gun powder tight enough.if you don't here any thing from me then i left this website and i will not come back. this does not make me a sissy in just makes you not sportsmen. you told me not to ask questions about gun smithing to blacksmiths as i recall not correct me if i am wrong this is iforgeiron a website for people who forge iron and gunsmith does work iron or rather steel.and on my previous post i said i would not comment on it again and i hoped you did the same. that was not an order rather a suggestion. i hope you do comment further on this post because i want to know what you think and i bet so do others. ps i am not a troll this happens with almost all my post i say something then you say grab the pick forks and torches its a troll.pss yes you did tick me off
  2. it is not alloyed with steel it is coated with it. electroplated steel or iron.
  3. the reason why it is so cheap is because it is in china in china it is $4 more per kilo than scrap= the sipping. the shipping makes it become the price per pound of scrap ti in the us. $12 dollars per pound. so u could sell it and get your money back except the fact u have to transport it to the scrapyard so u will have more like -$500 depending on where your scarp yard is.
  4. i found 1 but its all mine mine. u cant have it. if u want it u have to get your own. but seriously i did find 1 at the flea market so i bought it home. is that not an anvil any more i have herd it both ways some people say it is an asso.
  5. i am not in the titanium business. i just deal with the ti business a lot.i do not buy though a middle man i buy strait from the factory in china. i could buy thought a middle man but they would add on $5 per pound. i buy it $2 less per pound then scrap ti in the us. and thanks for telling me about the smoke i was going to do it outside. now i might want to do it out side with my industrial strength face mask air filter i can not remember what its name is right now but u no what i mean.when i said i am not going to buy from china i meant the plasma cutter because a person had a bad experience with one from china.lets just say he would have had better results with putting his money on the steel and lighting it on fire.
  6. you sound like me when i was 16 except the leg press i did 1500 not than different though. oh ya and i did not work at an office volunteered part time at a gator farm. and yes black smithing is a work out kinda a cardo unless you use a power hammer hydrolic press.
  7. why do you want a stainless anvil? it still rusts it just stains less. that what stainless steel is it is just steel with more chrome so it stains less often.
  8. thanks guys. yep they do sell a lot of xxxx on infomercials. ti does not rust that is it upside. if you say aerospace grade ti they will want to buy it. the last ti knifes i made sold like crazy.hey it will hold it edge better then some knifes made in china. they use mostly aluminum in there steel. they use just enough steel for it to be magnetic go to wallmart see what i mean.
  9. i am not in the titanium business i just work with them a lot. i made 250 knifes the same way. that is not this way. i have not cut titanium i have forged knifes out of it. i do not know if it needs to be temped because i always treated it as if it were steel.i bought 110 lbs of 2 in bar stock before not plate. i want to know if ti is necessary to temper it. i want to save time that is why i want to do it by cutting out blanks and forging it to the fine shape then sharpening. i did ask my friends in the titanium business and they did not know they said they make it not make blades from it. am in the knife making business not the titanium. i hope this answers your questions. oh ya and they roll it out and cut it with diamond and titanium saws.
  10. i have made hundreds of steel knifes. i said the grade or alloy was grade 5 also i work with some grade 1 pure titanium. i have made 250 titanium knifes out of bar i want a faster way to do it. i have 5 mm titanium plate and i want to cut out blanks then forge from there.i do not know if you have ever forged titanium. if you have not then i will tell you it is no harder then any steel. if you have then you probably are not working with grade 5 or 1.i use both. i do not know about you but this is my profession not my Hobie. and the model of the plasma torch is what i meant.i custom ordered every aspect of my titanium how much aluminum, titanium, ect. so i know about my titanium. ( in the titanium business we refer to it as what grade it is not what alloy. alloy is for scientists, or people who live at home and know almost nothing about titanium.)
  11. i would not use aluminum. aluminum is hard to work hot and will not stay sharp. although i will use aircraft grade titanium grade 5. to make knifes. i forget the model but i have a 60 day guarantee.
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