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Hay Budden

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Good Morning and Merry Christmas. My Great Grandfather Budden of Hay Budden Manu. is a subject I would like to learn more about.
I grew up in Queens, New York and lived next to my Great Grandfather's home, Hay had owned a house at the other corner of our street.
They were pretty much identical homes they both built. They had a horse barn between the two houses where there stable help would prepare the horses
for their carriage ride to Brooklyn each day.I would like to know what their building looked like and any available history.
Thanks, Richard Budden

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Hello Mr. Budden! I can't help much other than to tell you that Hay Budden anvils are very well considered. I use one as my primary anvil.

This list shows many other users here as well.

This second link has a few tid bits, as well as some great photos.

Good luck in your search, and please share with us what you will. Thankyou.

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About ten years ago I visited the factory on North Henry St in Brooklyn. The building is still there, and has the same street numbers as it did in when HB was making anvils there. The left part of the building was a welding shop. The right part and the parking lot was a tour bus headquarters and lot for the buses. The only trace of anvilmaking was in the rear of the welding shop where one could see the curved track for an overhead hoist system for manipulating the steel around the powerhammer. I could find no other traces. The one unanswered item was a 'bilco' type door going to a basement under the building. Wonder what is down there....

I will try to find my photos from that day. I was in the film era of photography.

Four HB anvils live here.

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You should talk to Richard Postman personally. I have spoken to him briefly about Hay Budden anvils he knows quite a bit about the history of the company and the family's involved that was not published in his book. His contact info is in the book. I am a lover of Hay Budden anvils as well I posted the pictures of the catalog. I own three.

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Thanks all for the info and comments. I have spent more time on the forum reviewing what has been discussed concerning Hay-Budden anvils.
My sister and I purchased one from a blacksmith at Saratoga Race track,Saratoga, NY for our Dad's 50 birthday. He had a number of jeweler and salesmen's anvils but no full size anvil. I live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and seem to run into blacksmiths that know about them, but do not own one.
Thanks for the information about the company it's building and location in Brooklyn. Both Hay and Budden had porte cocheres on their houses where their carriage driver would pick them up out of the weather under cover.I have pictures of my Great Grand fathers house which I will post in the future. His house was large Victorian with a wrap around porch, we lived next door at 109-07 86th ave, Richmond Hill, NY. Thanks for your input, Richard Budden

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