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odd old anvil

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It looks British and it looks old. I agree that the table hole came later, but for what reason?

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Frank I have to agree with the best answer. As for why. Its personal preferance. Some drive Chev some Ford or whatever. Some vote one party or the other. The most honest answer I get from those is "Cause my daddy and grandpdad did" We have members who won't have any thing but a Euro or Fisher or Hay Budden. "For what reason"? Coal gas or induction? Mechanical or air hammer? German,Swedish,Hofi or ballpein hammer? Ours is not to reason why it's just to hammer till we die.
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Of course there were over 200 anvil manufacturers in England and pretty much all of them in the early days used that style of feet, Just cause Mouseholes made it over to the USA in quantity we are trained to think "Mousehole" when we see that shape/feet.

Look carefully at the underside of the pritchel hole---does it look punched or drilled---drilled is usually an indication of retrofit and perhaps an early one at that as they may have considered the face too hard to drill through with simple tools...

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