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Smith rail

Dillon Sculpture

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  • 4 weeks later...

Also got some color on the iron, I use a sandable charcoal black primer (Krylon 1316). Just a dusting, then Scotchbrite hand pads are use to scuff down the rail to bring up highlights of the surface forging. Finally I use Minwax with a brown stain, to really bring warmth to the end project and complement the of the darkened bronze. Hope to install in a couple weeks, pics will follow.

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Finally, installed after setting in my shop for two months, this job has dragged out longer than any I have ever done. Contacted end of 07, wait, wait, wait, started end of 09, wait, back on 6-10, wait, back 9-10, finish 12-10, wait, install 3-11. Oh well in the book now! Started install at 10am, at lunch 12:30.







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I had to bring this post back to life. True talent and artistic vision. I think we can all learn some fantastic stuff from this thread. Honestly, before this thread was referenced on another site i was never too impressed with scroll work, don't know why. This rail has reinvigorated my appreciation for the beauty of snub end scrolls, the ebb and flow of this rail astonishes me. Just sayin'! Mr Dillon you are an inspiration.

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