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  1. Michael, I see that you have once again re-set your upper limits with this latest hammer. Can't wait to see that thing in action. -DB
  2. From the ebay listing: "Up for your consideration is a Metal-Munching Beast of a Power Hammer. Not to be used by mortals". Apparently, not meant to be used by anyone needing to get actual work done either.
  3. Wow, I'm really late to the party here...Peter, did you get the Bradley up and running? Great looking hammer, I'm jealous! -DB
  4. Nice looking hammer. Bradley made solid hammers that were built to work. You'll be a happy camper when you get it running. -DB
  5. Michael, Thanks for the call today. Good to hear from you. I've been nose to the grindstone, sparks flying out and haven't had much time to spend over here. Looks like I've missed some cool stuff! This project looks fantastic. Great subtle curving forms on a large scale- not easy to accomplish. That rivet is a beast. I look forward to seeing this thing standing. -DB
  6. Very nice looking Mac! Well executed.
  7. Glenn, I am very sorry to hear of your loss. My deepest condolences to you and your family.
  8. I have 4 100# propane tanks. I run these on my forges and my oxy-propane torch setup for heating. I converted from oxy-acetylene to oxy-propane last year in an attempt to simplify the fuel requirements for the shop. I refill when I empty 2 tanks.
  9. Congratulations on the commission Mike. Great video, nice to see your babies all together in one place. You definitely have a "style". -DB
  10. Beautiful work Mike. It is the attention to the details that really set your work apart. That is an interesting blend of products you use in the finish...with great results. I think we all struggle with how to avoid paint. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with the install. -DB
  11. When did my name change from Dave to John...? Hey, we're all cheap, frugal, savvy, whatever you want to call it. Most of us do not have an unlimited budget when it comes to tools, (whether we want to admit it or not- LARRY). Sometimes, it's OK to wait for the great deal, sometimes you just need to pull the trigger. I rarely regret my purchases, it is the ones that I passed on that come back to haunt me... -DB
  12. Larry, I'm finding it hard to believe that you would even consider not getting the biggest machine possible...is this the kinder, gentler Monster...? -DB
  13. Mike, I think I have a VHS copy of it laying around the house somewhere as well. Unfortunately, I don't have a VHS player to play it in. The fit up on your parts is superb. I especially like the two overlaps that go above and below plane. Really nice touch.
  14. Mike, I confess, I stole that ball drilling jig from your modern masters segment. Still use it today. It's a good one. DB
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