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I was asked by a a local Royal Ranger outpost to come and do a demo this Wednesday night, Just so you know, Royal Rangers is basically christian Boy Scouts, they are not the same group but are very similar. I was trying to think of something to make that was quick, interesting, and entertaining for the boys. About the only thing that I really make is Tomahawks and knives but those are too time consuming for a quick demo. I was thinking maybe a rr spike knife.

Anyway, I was just wanting some input on some good ideas for something quick and easy.



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Hooks are very simple, quick and easy. You could probably make nough for them to take one home even. Just start with a stock as close as the finished size as possible. Square would save you time from having to square it up. Draw one end to a point, scoll the tip, couple twists and bend into hook. Fire poker is another. Marshmallow/hot dog forks. Leaves, small letter openers from some 1/2" square stock is easy, and you don't have to worry about anyone getting cut. Tent stakes with a fancy twist and a curly top. Tent stake puller, dutch oven lid lifter. Dinner bell and dinger.

Here is a link to thread that may give you some more ideas and some visuals of what the look like. Demo items don't need to be intricate or hard. Quick is better. Bring some of your wares to show what can be made with some skill and patience, but show how easy some of the stuff can be.

What are you taking to craft fairs this year?

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Making knives around kids...maybe not so good an idea.

Ever do S hooks, drive hooks, candle holders, leaves?

That Mason jar candle holder is easy and rather appropriate, and can have a variety of embellishments -premake the candle pans

If you have a nail header, nails. You can maybe get them hands on with nails.


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Here all the kids especially boys want a sword
So I make swords in one heat or less.
First I anneal a hand full of double headed nails
Then cold I flatten half the nail cool it in watter and do the other half
The double head makes the handle and the rest of the nail the blade.
You can do straight or curved swords.
I also do one piece roses out of 1/4" round or square nails from 5/16 round

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Not talking about knives, BTW, knives were the first things made when man started making tools with fire and rocks, makes as much since as outlawing guns. Outlaw the idiots that use them wrong! NOT the guns. Teach kids to use knives properly...sorry, this really sticks in my craw....

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Thanks for all of your input. I have been smithing for two years now and about all that I have made is knives and tomahawks and have managed to sell them really well. I can make other things easily but for the life of me I could not think of anything to make tonight.

I am probably going to make a hot dog fork, some hooks and maybe a few leaves.

Anyway, thank for your input.


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