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Fisher anvil conundrum

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A new student scored 2 anvils last weekend, one of them is a little Fisher, with a few features that's got me puzzled. It weighs 20 or so pounds, by my right arm reckoning.
- It has a legible '2' cast into the base lip under the heel
- It has a big '4' cast under the bick, in the curve of the waist
- It has an eagle cast into the near side, bick to the left
- Underneath it has two round casting divots, approx the size of beer can bottoms (riser, sprue?)
- Here's the strange part, under the bick, on the base lip, 'FISHER' is cast in, but in mirror image..REHSIF, but with backwards letters.
- The edges are beat up bad, but I can almost make out a 1/4" to 5/16" thick plate on the top. It has approx 60% rebound with a 1 inch ball bearing at 15 inches drop. At first I suspected someone recast this thing, using a real fisher as a pattern, but the rebound suggests it does have a tool steel top.

any hints?
Thanks, Mike

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The story goes that the moldmakers "enjoyed" at touch of grape at lunchtime. Afternoon anvil molds were sometimes a bit "different". This happened a number of times. I have anvils with the FISHER backwards, upside-down, and even the eagle upside-down(looks dead).

Pictures would be a plus. PM me if you are looking to trade or sell. Thanks.

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Thanks for the replies, I never would have guessed that. I did take some pictures of it, but haven't been able to figure out how to post them since the IFI gallery slumped. I could e-mail pics to someone who can post them here, if someone wants to message me with an e-mail address.

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haven't been able to figure out how to post them since the IFI gallery slumped.

Mike, Make your post as normal then scroll down and click on "click to attach files", Browse your hard drive, highlight, click open and repeat as needed for more photos. You MUST click add reply to save both the text and the images when you finish.
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