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Musical Instruments

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some of the wood wind family would be easy.....The flut is basicly a series of finger holes, an oval shaped ohle on one end(that is capped off). That may be something cool. A lot of your other instruments have valves, reeds, mouth pieces, pads, etc.

There are a lot of percussion items too....the triangle, symbol, cow bell (worked for Blue Oyster Cult "Don't frea the reaper"...)

There is also a weird thing called a sistrum(not sur eof spelling. It looks sort of like a tennis racket with things in it that rattle. Used mostly for rituals. Pretty old instrument if I remember correctly. You would have to check it though.

I have thought it would be fun to forge our a big Kazoo...by big I mean about 8 times the actual size, and make it workable with an air hose attachment. That is in the pile with my big mouse trap and every other small item I think would be cool made out of steel a lot bigger.

Good luck with it.

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Hanging chimes, from hollow section suspended from a forged frame, can be tuned by altering length, and struck with a forged striker.

Many years ago I made some handchimes for a group at my daughters school, all they consisted of was a piece of 1" square thin wall (Speed frame)tube, of varying lengths, which they held with one or two hands,

a 1/8" wide slot was cut in through opposite sides which vibrated to give resonance when struck with a rubber covered striker, the length of the slot giving the note's frequency

the striker was attached to the body of the tube by a rubber band so that when the tube was raised or lowered rapidly (once) the rubber struck the (not split) side and a note was emitted

Google "handchimes" and there are pictures and links to you tube videos of them being used.

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With the references to jew's harps and kazoos and being an old Jean Shepard fan I can almost hear a chorus of when the Saints Come Marching In playing in the background.

I'd agree that a good jew's harp cold be forged.


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Next door at anvilfire is a demo/blueprint of a Treble Cleaf (we NEED 'spell-check here!:) ) I have made these and the really cool thing is that no matter where you strike the 'bell' you get a different note. I made one for a lady a few years back and played a real song on it before I handed it to her. She was real impressed...kinda suprised myself too :rolleyes:

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