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Downloadable Basic Blacksmithing

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For newbies like me.

I've spent a lot of time trying to find a source on the internet for truly basic blacksmithing methods and pointers ... I think I have located the best source to date: "Basic Blacksmithing" a 132 page e-book with very simple but understandable ideas ... things you can do with things you can find!!

Has a section that explains how to skin an animal for your bellows :blink:


I located this link on the Gulf Coast Blacksmith Association website. Hope this is helpful to some of the other newbies.


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Thanks for the responses -

John B. ... couldn't get your link to work.

Frank Turley ... thanks, that's a great source too.

The best part of this site is the ability to share and the willingness of everyone to help.

Sorry Tim, I don't know why you couldn't get that site, I have just tried and it got straight through,
There is another site you may be able to get to them through


Hope you have better success with this one.
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Thats a good resource,

and here is another free downloadable one with much more information to add to your knowledge base


Here's a good site for blacksmithing e-books. Some the same as above, some additional.
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Thanks to one and all. It is amazing the information that is available once we start looking. Most of what has been posted here I have not seen. Lots of happy reading/study for the next few weeks. Best online blacksmithing school going - IFI rules! Now, if they could only get the blueprint section up and running ... it'll be great!

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