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Mountain Man Folder

David Kahn

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Just finished a spring back mountain man folder. Blade and spring are forged from Japanese high-vanadium steel, sanbar stag handle, sterling silver washers, and copper liners and pins. Blade has a Michael Rader inspired mustard finish, and the spring back is salt-blued. Thanks for looking guys.





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Thanks guys! High praise indeed. I took an animal head class with Daryl Nelson last fall, and while I was there, he showed me an unbelievably cool mountain man folder by Gene Chapman. This knife was an attempt on my part to get that **** Gene Chapman knife out of my head. (Unsucessful, I might add.) Something about the old timey/blacksmithy style of guys like Gene Chapman and Daniel Winkler really speaks to me, so I'm unabashedly trying to copy their work! (I'm not familiar with Wade Colter, but I guess now I'll have to look him up.)

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That's a really nice knife... very sculptural! I love the spring detail! I am unfamiliar with salt bluing but the look you have there is quite nice. I too love the "craftsman" sort of knife design that shows off the handmade and artistic abilities of the maker. Dave Budd is another for you to refer to for inspiration. I'll have to look up these other guys as I don't know any of them!

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