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Need a new Fire pot

Timothy Miller

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I need a new fire pot. My old centaur forge pot burnt out after a day of forge welding. It had been on its way out for a wile. I want a as big and heavy duty as i can get. I plan on doing some large forge welding with wrought iron 2" square t welds to be exact. I would rather not have to build something.

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Good Morning,

John Newman at Newman Forge & Pattern in Hamilton Ontario has the BEST fire-pots. They are about 1 1/2" thick, VERY HEAVY! BEST does not equal cheapest.

Neil Gustafson

Would this be our very own J newman? I would love to see a picture of his fire pot. I've seen some of his other works and been very impressed.
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Centaur Forge has 6 different types in stock. Square, Round, with sliding or dumping ash gates. Prices seem very reasonable to me compared to other sites I've looked at. Personally I use a break drum. It was free. Free is always good. :blink:

Oops, didn't see that you were replacing a Centaur forge fire pot till I reread your post. My bad. :unsure:

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This is a stationary forge in a professional shop. I am not sure I want to go the break drum rout as the don't seem to be that thick. I am also not big on the whole improvised thing when the real deal is available. Is the j Newman the same one they sell at the blacksmiths depot? That looked like a pretty serious fire pot. Thanks for your input.

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