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Thank you for the kind words. I appreciate it. I have a project coming up that I will need to make some of these in various sizes. This is my first to try & get some ideas on fabrication & assembly.

The wings are made of some thin sheet steel, about 1/16" thick.
The wing span is 6-1/8"
The body is 3" from tip of head to end of tail, made from 1/2" round.

It was more fabrication than forging. I made templates for the wings. Cut them out & sanded smooth. I heated them in the forge, maybe a good red & flattened the outer edges of the wings to soften them a bit.
The body is forged to shape. The wings were tack welded from underneath. I drilled two small holes in the head for the antenae & tack welded two pieces of small gauge wire, shaped in a "U",for the legs.

Thanks for looking!

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You should have titled this thread
In A Gadda Da Vida, Iron Butterfly :D Can you do tie-dye wings?

This project got me thinking. You could polish the wings and flame color them, even do designs with a torch.

Make wings out of copper, brass, or combinations of these.

Hmmmm, may have to look into making one of these myself.

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I will be making a headboard for one of my granddaughters that will feature fairies, butterflys, dragonflys and the like. Thanks for the inspiration! smile.gif

Here's some fairies I caught playing some time ago before they got away and ended up nailed to a wall
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