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2010 New Years Resolutions


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Ahh, Now I get it . . .

First off Glenn, Happy New Year to you too! Again, many thanks for all your hard work here at IFI and your dedication to making this such a great site!

For me, blacksmith biz has been real bad this year so I've been chasing a buck via a wide variety of other ways (catalog raisonne' data base development, furniture making, landscaping, etc).

My focus for the new year will be to redirect myself back into the blacksmith shop and focus on building up my inventory and revitalize my efforts at promotion. Also, finally getting around to making a lot of new tooling and reorganizing the shop.

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Encouragement given over and over Glen!!! Snappy looking new site!
Oh ya, Happy New year to all! My first day back in the shop after a week away is to clean up and organize! Then finish the rebuild of my little giant! Then its marketing and more marketing for me this year :D

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My one resolution would be to quit procrastinating and do some things I've had in mind for some time.

In the back of my mind I've had an idea for a very simple solid fuel forge. I'd like to build it and spend some time testing it for effectiveness.

I also have some items I'd like to forge just for my own satisfaction. I might be the only one who like them........just for the fun ot it.

Of course, if I get these things done this coming year, I'll post pictures!

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happy New Year to all .... I believe focus on the good stuff this year instead of all the bad, negativity that seams to prevail....i hope this makes me be a little more ambitious .... I had a fair year testing the waters selling my stuff so if i can organize a little better and work a little harder maybe things will go a little more better
BTW nice site Glenn good work! and thanks!

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I would like to finish the wheeled demonstration forge that I have been working on since August 2006, or at least get it to where it can be used in demonstrations.

Reproduction close to finished:

Actual forge being used circa 1863:

Photograph showing how I built the wheels:

I imagine that folks are even more tired of hearing about the project as I am of working on it.

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