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Flame Temperatures some Common Gases

1980 degrees Celsius = 3596 degrees Fahrenheit
This is the theoretical limit assuming perfect insulation, optimal fuel/air mixture and no other losses.

2000-2500 are reasonable real world results for home made forges, depending on burner size, fuel pressure, insulation, insulated cavity size, and opening size(s). I think a good design can achieve 3000F or better without epic effort.

PS, this is using numbers for Propane Edited by pkrankow
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This is really not a question that can be answered. Think of it like aksing how much does a ford vehicle weigh.
If you were more specific about what kind of forge, what kind of fuel, how big, what kind and how much insulation and what kind and how many burners if it is a gasser, and maybe evenmore specific if it exists and does not meet your needs, fill in the above blanks and let us know what kind of problems you aer haveng with it and I bet someone with forge eqqpeience may be able to give you a better answer.

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I've seen claims by people with atmospheric forges that they get 2300 – 2400F checking with a pyrometer. And then they say “See, it gets to welding temperature”! I've checked my forced air forges with a properly calibrated optical pyrometer and the results I get running at what I consider a “welding heat” were 2800 – 3000F. Given that heat transfer is a function of the square of the temperature difference between the two bodies, I can get my parts to welding heat a whole lot faster. That is very important in forge welding. Waiting and waiting and waiting for a piece to get to equilibrium with the forge makes welding much more difficult. On the downside, I always had to use 3200 degree refractory.

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