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  1. That whomper stomper Treadle hammer looks mighty nice,do you find it to work to all your needs.Did you have plans or build her out of your head,looks well made.
  2. Yes i Agree with Leah i was cutting the top off an (what i found out later was an avgas drum)and it went boom blew top clean off just about took my head off.fill it with water first.
  3. Hi there it looks like a Dyna drill bit( for cutting concrete) with a handle
  4. At what temperature would a small gas forge get up too. Thankyou in Advance
  5. I gave up smokin 10 years ago but round Christmas time i still like a cigar,whatever i can get my hands on.
  6. Cheers for the info Matt, yes i have thought of Mig tips, our Migs here in New Zealand are only .6 of a mm i thought they may have been too big.but i will get a0.035 drill and see how i get on thanks very much
  7. Ta Thomas i realised i made a mistake on the Lpg & Natural Cheers for putting it right.you were thinkin straight and i was in the clouds some place.:cool:
  8. I`m building a Gas Forge simular to the Gary Ford design in BluePrints, And i`m havin trouble with main Jet size please can someone help out what would be the best size to use Thanks so much in advance:confused: I`m using LPG or natural gas
  9. Would anyone know what kind of steel are Tine Harrows made,Thanks in advance
  10. I have a post drill here and i think its an old Model T diff and the attached gearbox, it was built by my Grandaddys Friend many moons ago.would work if had something to run it with,but i use a faster drill press now.Plus i have a homade HackSaw to go with it all she is of the same era.Both gathering dust now.
  11. Thanks for all your thoughts, I had a friend that told me beeswax was good,Which turns out to be false,i have since found stove polish works great.
  12. Alistair: Needing a big fire pot is the exception of course. Most folk who build their first forge tend to make them way too large. I sure did. ;) Good score on the forge and blower, I sure like seeing the old tools in use instead of rotting under a bunch of petunias or something. Jer

  13. Hi Frosty, I first forge was a brake drum,and i found she was to small,So i built a bigger forge and use part of it,If i have a big job then the space is there.Thanks very much for all you very useful help.Oh I have just gotten hold a forge plus hand blower which was made in 1888 still in working order, a few parts rebuilding,no worries to this kid.Again thanks so much for your kind help.regards Alastair