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door knocker help please

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Hello fellows. My wife the other day did a quote on a security door for ornamental work with simple scrolls and such, we got the job, which was great:):). Problem is that she put her foot in it and said that I could put a door knocker on the security screen. I have never made a door knocker in my life. Funny thing is, is that my customers don't know that I have only been playing with blacksmithing for only a year now, did some advertising and getting plenty of work.They don't know that I am a amerture and I am making it up as I go. So does anyone have any cool ideas on a easy doorknocker. I would appreciateit alot.

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two things: jump into your user cp and plug a location in - there may be someone nearby that could give some shared forge time and knowlege.
second, search the user's galleries for knockers or something like that (when the galleries come back on line.

third, google door knockers and check places like anvilfire

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Last door knocker I did was out of 1" bar, made a dragon's head then did a long tapering tail that I coiled up in a spiral for the knocker. The support was sheet stock that I forged into the dragon's wings and had two pieces that came up and made the pivot for the dragon's body. Fold forming helps with the wings.

To make a snazzy knock plate do a simple brass sand cast of coin imprints (don't use US coins if you are in the USA) so it looks like the dragon is resting on it's treasure.

This is actually a fairly easy to do piece, really!

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I don't know where I put my details in, thats if you mean that i put my location in Iforge

i can't do animal heads yet but i have been looking for some door knockers on the internet. would of like to have seen a pic of the doorknocker that you made.

click on "User CP" in the green bar at the top of the page, there you can update your location and anything else you want to add to your profile. This will help us put you onto blacksmith goodies in your area! :) meetings, tools, other smiths....
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Here are a couple of easily made knockers, the ball ended one was made by a sixteen year old on her first course, the dragon one was made by someone with a little more experience

There are numerous designs and ideas for doorknockers in the Cosira manual Catalogue of Drawings for Wrought Ironwork, Section 1 Door furniture on this link

Craft publications

I suggest you bookmark the site, and have a look at the wealth of information in this, and the other books there. This site could be used as a Blacksmiths Bible.

Just referring back to your original request for information, these may not be suitable per se, to fit to a security screen, what you need to do as I understand is to incorporate a knocker into the screen, as part of the design rather than a 'bolt on'

So consider what you need,
a) a rigid mounting place for a backplate to use the knocker against,
B) something to knock against the plate,
c) a suitable method to allow this to happen

and build it into your design at an appropriate place,

Alternatively you could incorporate a bell and striker style arrangement of some type



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Additional reference to original problem
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