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$30 anvil

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So there i was, Yesterday reading through the local classified ads when i came across this anvil for sale. so i started to look at the pictures real close, the anvil was beat up pretty bad. but on the side you could clearly see the HAY BUDDEN on the side. so i called the number it just dumped me into his voice mail. I was thinking, well i'm probably to late anyway. Which was ashame it was only the next town to the south of me which is 10 miles! I went down to the barn and feed cows and puttered around for a sec then came back up to the house. So i looked up the anvil again just to say "man i wish i had a HAY BUDDEN". So i called again and he answered, come to find out i was the first one to call! so i told him i would come right down to check it out. it was a little beat up, well a lot beat up but for 30 dollars i couldn't pass it up. I was talking to him try it get history for the anvil. he was telling me he once was a farrier and the guy who he apprenticed under, had found this and a bigger anvil in somebody's yard while he was cleaning it up. so the took the bigger one and Chris ( the guy who sold me the anvil) took this one. It was defiantly a user and looks like the top is delaminating. I was thinking to about getting the book Anvils in america, to see how old it is. I don't care, i like it whether its a user or decoration. I have a HAY BUDDEN. :D










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I can't see any delamination in the photographs. Just seams where it was forge-welded.

When i was tapping the heel with my fingernails, it made a nice ring and as i worked my way to the sweet spot it sounded more of a thud. Thats why i was saying maybe it was delamination, But I'm no expert, But still Happy!
Right on Chad! I have been looking around quite a bit locally and missed that one. That looks like a good old usable anvil. How heavy is it?

It looks like it has a clip horn on it. Is that anvil a farrier style anvil?

I put it on the bathroom scale and it said 127.5 lbs so right close to what it says on it. Thats what it was used for, but i don't know right of hand.
Ain't beat up. Take some scotchbrite (only gonna need pots and pans type) to it and get to work! The scothcbrite is only if you don't like dirt transfer to your clothing. Edges look quite nice, surface flat, no major damage anywhere.

Excellent score!

Yes Yes, I'm quite happy with it and i'll leave it the way it is. I like the old well used look.:)
That ain't beat up that's broke in. It is a good anvil for doing most anything you can think of doing. It is a very nice anvil and worth more than the $30 you paid for it. Lucky dog!

Thanks Quite Happy. This usally never happens for me.:D
it don't look to beat up to me looks just fine to me unless maybe your making sords or knives and if its to beat for you i'll give you my address and i'll put it to good use :)

Pretty sure that will be everybodys answer.:p
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Your anvil was made around 1907. Great score for $30!

Thanks for that, i was doing some research on it last night and that's when i seen everybody was talking about this Postman. What, a postman is a expert on anvils whatever. :confused: Then started to read about his book anvils in America, I like history anyway and thought maybe i should get it. sounds like a good book any how. But i appreciate the info. :D
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I saw an anvil at a tailgate sale. The seller said that the top was delaminating. I said it didn't look like it. He said, push down on it with your thumb. The line between the top and the body got thinner, so it did move!!! Anyway, he said that it still worked for forging and was still worth a couple hundred bucks, so I passed. It sold shortly afterward.

Try that test. If you don't see the gap narrow, it should still be useful (I guess :)).

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I'd love to come across a HAY BUDDEN anvil in that kind of shape. I've had anvils I bought new that ended up in worse shape than that after hot shoeing horses for 15 or so years. (Ok that might be a little exaggeration) but it looks in pretty good shape to me.

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