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setting railings in granite steps

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I use Rockite. It can be mixed to be pourable, or by using less water, it gets putty-like and can be pushed into a horizontal hole. It sets up in 15 minutes, so you need to make sure everything is plumb, level, and square before applying.

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What is the issue with pouring lead?

I have no issue with either, and use what is appropriate for the specific application

Epoxy, prepare, mix 'n fix.

Lead, melting it, pouring it, packing it, damp in sockets and potential eruption if any moisture present, surroundings potential for damage around the area.

The choice is yours,
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wow, a lot of great info from everyone. Mark Emig, what kind of epoxy do you use? i think we have similar climates to contend with

the railings are going right in the middle of Boston, about a mile from the water, large temp variations, blizzards, -0*F, the works.

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The issue with lead is simple-lead exposure ( and the aforementioned pouring problems). From the research I have done into lead exposure (I worked in garages for years and handled a LOT of lead wheel weights) is that whenever you handle lead, lead rubs of onto your skin in microscopic dust form which can easily be breathed in if you happen to rub your face etc. I have symptoms of lead overexposure in the form of short term memory problems and other aggravating things. Very annoying to deal with. I suggest that you all try to avoid it if you can.
Mark Emig

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