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Say Mak ? Info Needed

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Does anyone know of, or have ANY Manuals , Parts list on Say Mak hammers ? a friend has Tom's old hammer here and it looks like the top compressor cill has a air leak also I think
pumping oil out to onto belts, were also going to change out hose's at valve body there tired & cracked
LOOKING for ANY Info on these hammers

Thanks for the help Steve :)

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For Say Mak I would suggest contacting Say-Mak Power Hammers from the Ozark School Of Blacksmithing and inquiring about manuals and parts, since they sell this brand of hammer.

In general I would suggest to folks to locate a source of supplies, and parts for a tool prior to purchasing it. When I built my shop I quested after the coils of nails that I would need according to local building codes, and only committed to buying a nail-gun when the order included several boxes of nail coils of my specifications.

Every vendor would assure me that if I bought their nail gun that they would be able to find galvanized ring-shank nails somewhere (I was framing with treated lumber). The last thing I needed was to spend money on a tool that they *discovered* could not be provided with the supplies to support it. A lesson I learned earlier in life the hard way.

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COOL David !!! good hammer anyone know of any say mak /say ha
dealer's out of the usa ? as far as I know no one is taking over from Tom C :( at this point ?? also I think shinler hammer sp-? looks
to be the same thing or close, any in put on either one ?

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wolf I will try to help you. I may be able to direct you to some parts When you said compress cill did you mean cylinder? If so try to tighten the head bolts. The hoses can be replaced with straight raditor hose from any good auto parts house. If the ones you take off have springs in them save them for the new hose. If the hoses are bad your oil could be coming from those. Most oil prpblems come from opening the oil knob too much 1/8 to 1/4 trun from closed is plenty on most hammers. If you can get an oil smear on your finger from the ram thats enough. use hot soapy water to clean the oil from the belt and pullies and inside of hammer protect the motor from water, blow dry with clean air. Some parts are available. If you think you need something let me know. So far we have been able to fix all the hammers that have had problems. Hope it helps

PS gasket is paper get it rolls from parts house torque 40 - 45 ftlbs if you can't find gasket stock let me know.

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I have a hammer from Tom and have the manual
I saw it a coupl;e of weeks ago and remember saying to myself put that some where safe so it dont get wrecked. Whell I put it some where as I cant find it right now.
It was photo copied sheets stapled together.
Bob Alexander is helping Tom's widow sell off inventory. Not sure if he has a web site. He holds treadle hammer build classes and teaches at Campbell Folk School. He lives in Missouri

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Say-Maks are one simple hammer!

When tag teaming my friends hammer while forging stainless one day we seized his up:o. Got it real hot:mad: It took about 6 hrs going balls out the whole time:rolleyes:

So a few days later, we decided it needed to be taken apart and inspected for damage. It seemed to have developed a funny noise!

No gaskets on the piston or ram cylinder, just silicone. The two empty bolt holes on the head are so you can thread head bolts in to us to lift the head and brake the silicone seal. Sorta like a puller.

Take the intake valve system apart and clean it really well. Seems my friends only came with a lawn mower type exhaust baffle for an intake filter. He later fitted it with a K&N ram air he had laying about. Also, he upgraded the intake pipe to do away with the bell reducer. Big help! Runs great now that it can breath!!!

One word of caution-
Don't let the hammer cylinder fall to the bottom of the bore without dies. The flange on the bottom has a caller to keep the hammer from coming out the bottom. It needs to come out the top. We used 22 or 26 Gage sheet metal with a ratchet tie down to compress the rings on re-assembly. That worked very well. As far as torque, we just made sure they were around 40 to 50 pounds but more importantly, we tightened them in a sequence going from one to the one across the head, not the one next too. Even pressure is more important than high or light pressure. Good luck!!

He too has had no luck from the Ozark School. He would like a set of fullering dies but can't find any. I would like one of those hammers but can't find the money:(

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I did find my manual but not sure it would help you
has a diagram of the parts but with Tom gone you cant get them from him.
It doesnt list the company
Bob Alexander would be your best bet.
He might have access to left over dies also.
Last I heard there was a container of hammers to be shipped from overseas but they were not sure if they where going to take delivery.

With Tom Clark's death the Ozark school is closed.
The tong part of the buisness was bought out by Blacksmith Supply I think

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Haven't been on here in a long time. I'm the guy with the SayHa that Steve was talking about when he started this thread. (Thanks Steve!) And thanks to everybody who's jumped in here with info.

The gasket material in the top of the compressor cylinder - what I can see of it at the edges - looks like some braided stuff, kind of like that fiberglass braid they seal wood burning stove doors with. I'm not about to open up that cylinder till I know what to replace the gasket with... ;) Anyway, some of the bolts (hex head) needed tightening, which I did but without a torque wrench. Haven't had time to really run it since. (Day job :mad: ). Hopefully this weekend.

I've put a call in to Bob Alexander, but he hasn't called back yet - might be on a trip. I'll try again next day or two.

781, I'd love to have a copy of your manual, available parts or not. Any way that could happen?

David E., I think we have the same hammer. Mine's a Say Ha 50. #58. Early model.

BTW all, Tom Clark made a set of 4 DVD's you can get from Bob Alexander called Setup, Maintenance and Operation of the Say Mak 50 and 60 hammers.
I have the set, and Tom did us all a great service putting these together during his last year. Highly recommended. Unfortunately, no mention of gasket material for the compressor cylinder. (Might be different for different versions. Tom was constantly improving the thing.) (Be a shame if nobody takes over the business, GREAT hammer!)

One last thing. The metal "drip pan" cover over the belt is set at an angle that actually directs any cylinder oil ONTO my belt (at the upper end), - go figure - so I'm in the process of modifying that to make sure that no longer happens. That will probably make a huge difference, leak or no leak. As long as my belt stays dry and doesn't slip, I should be able to get all the power into the ram that the compressor can develop.

Gotta run. Thanks again.

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Hi Chad, I'm sure I have seen those braided asbestos type gaskets with copper inserts, mind you its been some time. Gaskets have come a long way since, with more compressable materials, a specialist could supply and you cut your own.
If you ever manage to find an e-mail add for Bob Alexander I would be obliged if you could P.Message me, I would love a copy of those DVD's, I am a hammer newbie and hungry for info, mine was made in 2002.
Thanks David.

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As for the maual I dont have a scanner
It is a poor quality photo copy but I could try making digital photos and try emailing them.
I am a few conferences behind of DVDs to edit and trying to get a couple things made beore the Salftork conference next weekend.
Was editing some of the SOFA footage last night. Ryan Johnson did tomahawks and other things and was excellent. I would put him in the top 10 demonstrators I have watched since 1988 and I go to 15 conferences a year. His personal web site is Home Page if you want to see really nice hawks.
If I havent done anything in two weeks private email me to remind me

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