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Free milling machine.

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I used to work at the local waste transfer station and found this dumped in one of the scrap metal bins. I use it as drill press as Im not sure how to use it as a mill.Anyone know of a good book that might explain the process of milling to me?? Someone threw out the bench grinder in the pic as well, it only needed new brushes.


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Great score there monkey. I am no expert on milling machines but it looks more like a drill press with an adjustable base. It may be able to mill small/light pieces like ali or brass(?) but may not survive long for proper milling.
As for books check out your local library for engineering books. You may get some good ideas there. Or visit your local technical college to check out there library and or talk to the engineering teachers or technicians for ideas.

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That is an oriental mill/drill. You can do milling with it readily. These days most milling is done with the aid of a milling vice and a set of hold downs. Small parst are held in the vice, which is bolted to the table slots. Larger parts are clamped to the table slots using the hold down set. I suggest buying a set of cheap endmills which come in a case with both four flute and two flute versions of all the common sizes. As you wear them out, you will know which ones to replace with quality versions. Any book on machine shop practice shop offer info on milling. Lindsay Books has a great selection of machinist books.

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You can get basic info , or manual, from any company that sells these ( Harbor Freight for one) , as most of these seem to be made from the same castings with different names slapped on them. It should have an R8 spindle in it. You do not want to use the drill chuck to hold the end mills. On top you should find a draw bar that holds the chuck into the spindle. When you loosen that the chuck should come out, if it doesn't screw the drawbar back in a few turns , and lightly hit it with a hammer to knock it loose. Collets, or end mill adapters can then be used to hold the end mills, or other cutters. A good vise, or hold down set will be needed to do any machining. If you get a vise, you make your own hold down set.

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the draw bar is the hex head that sticks up through the front pully just loosen that hex it will raise up a few inches dont unscrew all the way at first then hit the hex head down you should se the drll chuck slide down then unscrew the reast of the waythe chuck will come out ebay has cheap collets. collets can range from a few dollars apieace to 20-30 dollars as there are good ones then there are real precision ones but you don't need those ones with that machine unless you are trying to be with in tens of thousands of an inch

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Hi scary,
Don't you just have a comprehensive machine shop!
These websites of local machinery houses may be of use to you- at least bring you up to speed on retail prices.
https://www.machineryhouse.com.au/ -this is Hare and Forbes- nearest branch north Parramatta
Mick Moyle's Engineers Supplies -older small business in Summer Hill
McJING Tools Online -specialising in Chinese imports- tend to be cheapish

These websites are handy bookshops;
Berkelouw Books | New Second Hand Antiquarian Books Sydney -Paddington, Berrima etc
Plough Book Sales: Home -Victorian mail order supplier- extensive catalogue

I was in Berkelouw's Berrima last week and bought some 'workshop practice series' books 2nd hand, $8.50 ea. this is same or cheaper as new price 10 yr ago. They had a couple of general machining textbooks for about $22 that looked good but i passed up.
Hope this is of use.
Andrew O'C.

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