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    Im 53 ,have 3 kids and a wife.
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    old motor bikes, knives.
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    Im a hydraulic fitter but prefer driving my garbage truck
  1. Happy birthday, Cobber

  2. Hi Andrew. Most of my gear I got from the waste transfer stations at Auburn and Ryde when I was working there,its amazing what people throw away. Im a regular visitor at Hare and Forbes.I get most of my lathe tools there and grinding discs etc etc.
  3. its the perfect size for my garage.
  4. I used to work at the local waste transfer station and found this dumped in one of the scrap metal bins. I use it as drill press as Im not sure how to use it as a mill.Anyone know of a good book that might explain the process of milling to me?? Someone threw out the bench grinder in the pic as well, it only needed new brushes.
  5. I got this lathe from an old guy who was selling up all his gear and moving out. He wanted $600 for it, I took a couple of trailer loads of junk to the tip for Him and he gave it to me for $400.I hadnt used a lathe since high school but it all came back once I started playing with it. I used it to make some bits for a fish pond filtration system and it paid for itself.
  6. Scarymonkey. Like I said in my intro I first got the blacksmith bug while doing a welding course at North Sydeny TAFE,there was a wrought iron /blacksmith course going on in the next room and I enrolled in it 3 years in a row. I also went to a big "steam day" at Timber Town a few years back ,all the forges were going hammer and tong,(excuse the pun).I spent most of the day annoying the blacksmith types with silly questions. I like older bikes and have a WW2 jeep that Im doing up.
  7. Im boring in a scary sought of way,,or is that scary in a boring sought of way,,I forget.
  8. Im scarymonkey. I live just outside of Sydney Ozztralia. Im a hydraulic fitter by trade but drive a garbage truck cause its more fun. Ive been interesting in blacksmith type stuff since i did a welding course at night school and there was a blacksmith course going on next door. Ive done all the candle holders and hat and coat hooks but am really interested in blades. I have an old 1944 Ford jeep and an FJ1100 Yamaha sports tourer. Im 53 years old and quite boring.
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