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Lets see:
1700 was over 100 years *before* the Victorian period started.

The chain is modern electrically welded and so around 200 years after 1700

The handle is worthless for use to hold/control such a weapon

The ball is too large (and looks like cast iron from what I can see)

All in all about as misrepresented as possible without claiming that Elvis fought back an alien invasion with it...

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Certainly not Victorian nor a mace.

It's an Alaskan mosquito discourager. Oh okay, it's a bit small for an Alaskan mosquito discourager but if you swing it really REALLY hard. . .

Okay, semi seriously, I'd say the "handle" is the attachment / ferrul for a staff, not a "handle" itself.

Which if you think about it makes perfect sense, you really REALLY want to keep the mosquitos as far away as possible.

Okay, I couldn't stay even SEMI serious on this one. So club me. ;)


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