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Step Vises

David Einhorn

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Step Vises are really neat tools and something to consider. The one available on EBay is one that can accept interchangeable jaws. You use these vises for:

- upsetting the ends of various sized rods, thus the reason for various sized jaws. If I remember correctly this brand of vise uses an adjustable upsetting block that can be adjusted up or down for length of the rod being forged.

- fast grab, hammer or bend, and release

I have no financial interest in the item, just thought I would share an interesting tool that I like using. :D

Dave E.

Farrier Blacksmith Foot Vise Noyes Greenfield, Ma Anvil - eBay (item 320404918847 end time Aug-03-09 12:04:46 PDT)

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Great for twisting also. I started with a light weight 4 legged one. Knocked it over all the time. Traded it for a heaver one much like the ebay one. Made a set of new jaws out of cold rolled. freed it up. Then grabbed it by the jaws to move it. It SLAMMED shut with 2 chunks of me in there. Surprised Frosty didn't hear me cuss.

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Two is even better. One with flat straight jaws for regular clamping and bending, and the other set up with the most common round grooves for upsetting heads of bolts and nails. That way you get twice as much done in one heat. :D

Actually, it should not be difficult to fabricate one. An upright member with two holes for replaceable jaw, and a pivot. A second member that swings up and shut when you push your foot against its bottom end.

Dave E.

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Some of the Shoers I have had come out the house and work on my horses have the modern equivalent. They are light weight and are spring loaded. This allows them to work with both hands.

My current farrier has one with four legs and an acme threaded screw. I really like it. I holds thing much more securely. I bet that the heavier ones would work better that what they use today.

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