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how to straighten a semi-finished blade


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im making a 17"knife from leafspring im done the forging part and filing and got a good start on the sanding.when i finished my last forge hammering i left it a little bent and then filed and sanded anyway because i use a charcoal forge its too much time to heat it up for 1 bang so ill wait till ill heat treat. so my question is; i heard i can straighten with a leather hammer to not inflict any damage to finished blade so can I straighten it without any hammer marks . do i just use regular "railroad rail" anvil. also I will make my own leather hammer by wrapping an old belt tight around an old rubber mallet (should get about 1 inch of leather or more thick) is that okay. sorry bout all the dumb questions but i looked for a while on thise site and saw nothin like this,... also this will be my first finished knife as its a birthday present for may 14..

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Get it hot and straighten it. then make sure you get the whole to a nice even heat and re normalize, better still anneal it. I had the same problem with leaf springs on my first few bigger blades.

Some steel and some designs can be tweaked by applying local heat to the spine with a torch and then holding the blade in the correct posisiotn with a wrench, but to be honest it is much safer to heat it up and re do the heat treating ;)

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thanks for all the info guys, yes it will take a few more forge uses i guess. ill anneal after i straighten it maybe even anneal twice? cant hurt i guess. then ill harden it.
I have to make a big blade cause i already promised ot to my nephew on his 18 birthday and he likes big scary knives (not to use, but to hang on a wall , i hope)
i plan on heating to non magnetic then hot oil quenching, then temper, then draw the back with a torch but.. i have a question. i see the nepal guys treat the kukri with just pouring water on the cutting edge of the blade and i think thats all they do, so iknow the kukri is also leafspring( same steel as mine, at least close) my blade is as large as a kukri so can i do this also or should i just do it the propre way (which i probably will for my first knife, also ive have 5 blades started in case of failure)?????

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