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I Forge Iron

finally made something useful at the forge..

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Long post, mostly for the old tools list, alot of this will be old hat to the smiths on this forum.

Figuring everyone has had enough of my S-hooks, J-hooks and leaf keyrings, I began my second attempt at a bottle opener. First attempt is not worth discussing.

Carefully hot cut a square end on some half inch bar stock from a prior keyring, tossing the scrap into the slack bucket and marked a half inch from the end on both sides with a center punch. Getting a good orange heat, I drove a tapered square punch (made from a tire iron) from both sides on my center punch marks. Cooling the punch in a little can of water and remembering to wipe the water off on my pant leg so as not to cool the hot bar too much, took about 3 heats to get through, and between punching heats I was carefully flattening the section I

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Ha ha

I so totally in the same place as you smithing wise. We've been making this exact same stuff in class (including fire pokers)

I know it feels good......and to use it for beer, even better!

You might want to keep your eyes open for an broken handle off of a hammer or something to use on the end.

Anyways......good luck in your smithing :D


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