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First pair of tongs


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hi everyone, I'm still new at this but had realized how badly I needed a good long pair of tongs rather then the vise grips I'd been using:rolleyes:
So i found some rebar, and started hammering and this is what i ended up with... there not pretty but they work. I also used a bolt just cause I didn't know how to make a rivet. Also this is my first real project I've done start to finish

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Well done Lenaghan! It feels pretty good to get that first project done from start to finish and end up with something you needed. First steps are always the best feeling. They look like they will work quite well for you in your next endeavors.Now you know that you can make your own basic needs it won't be long before you are trying something bigger and better.... like more tongs, punches chisels and on and on and on.:o

Good job and happy hammering!


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wow this is what i like about this site, everyones friendly here. And yes CurlyGeorge your right i do have the bug! I'm wanna make another set right away maybe outta better steel this time, to bad i ran outta propane and could BBQ supper lol

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