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My house was ablaze


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lightning hit a tree about 15-20 feet from my house and bounced and hit my room. it discharged from an outlet and set my bed on fire. long story short. everything is gone :( 3 guitars, my pc, all my clothes. everything. gone.

just bought me a new laptop hopefully the insurance on it will come through.

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i tried posting this a little over a month ago, but i guess it had an error because i cant find it at all. so here it goes.

lightning hit a tree right next to my house and bounced and hit my room. I was at work, my grandmaw was there but she tried taking my matress out (it and the box spring is what had caught on fire when the lightning discharged out an outlet) she got the matress out, but that was it. then she was too panicked to call some1 for help but she called my aunt and in turn she called 911. but they got there too late and nothing is left on the inside. pictures will be posted soon.

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Thank goodness it lit your bed on fire and not you!

Did you lose the whole house or just your room? Is everybody else okay?

I have friends who have lost everything in fires and it's very hard all round. They have recovered though, hang in there, we're pulling for you.

You're on the prayer list.


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