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I Forge Iron

60 degrees today

Ferrous Beuler

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Was mid 50s here in southern Minnesota today
What little snow left was buisy melting.
It ussally gets nice and dry and then we get a few inches of heavy wet snow to make it muddy again

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It was a glorious 28f yesterday and actually above freezing for a while a couple days earlier. 3f this morning and only up to 21 now.

Then again I don't really need my slack tub to thaw, all I have to do is wave the piece in the air for a few seconds.


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we had a dusting last night, but not near enough to keep me from the forge today. Also gotta cut some trees down, should be a nice sunny day here, about 35-45 depending on wind, the daffodils have already poked their snouts, just waiting on the peonis to arrive. ahhhh spring is in the air, soon the windows come out of the forge, and the canvas drape is put back inot place. Then I gotta start on the root cellar. man is this gonna be a good year, economy, shonomy, we need to be thankful for what we have. get back to the values and principles that made our country great.

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We've started leaving the bedroom window open, Supposed to hit 79 degF this weekend; we didn't have a winter this year---generally we burn 2 stacks of firewood a winter; only burnt 1/2 stack this year and wood is our back-up heat after passive solar.

Now if we could get some precipitation we're at 0.14" for the year so far.

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