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  1. The maker’s mark is heavily worn, but I am 95% sure now that my anvil is a UAF, made in the town of Feignies in northern France (close to the Belgium border). I found some photos (I’ll attach below) of other UAF anvils which have the same circular maker’s mark. Cambodia was a French protectorate from the 1860s till the 1950s so it’s not a surprise to find old French anvils here. I’ve found a couple of German ones as well. UAF (Usines et Aciéries de Feignies) was founded in 1911 but merged with Sambre et Meuse in the 1940s. http://www.cesari.eu/bricolages/etaux/etaux_histoire_SetM.htm
  2. Can anyone help me identify this anvil? It’s 150kg. The maker’s mark is heavily worn away. It was suggested to me that this is a “Usines et Aciéries de Feignies” (Factories and Steelworks of Feignies) anvil, which would mean it’s from northern France (I think). Also, does anyone know how this type of anvil was made? I am in Cambodia and so is this anvil.
  3. JackCambodia

    Anvil Stand 1/2

    Made a stand for my anvil.
  4. I'm a Canadian living in Cambodia and I bought this anvil from an old man who found it in a ditch in 1979 shortly after the Vietnamese invaded Cambodia thus toppling the Khmer Rouge. I'm guessing people fleeing the violence tossed this anvil in the ditch in order to lighten their load. After cleaning it up I found the "Original P.F.P." stamp on the side. It's a beautiful anvil!