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  1. Got it, thanks man, sure I’ll read it
  2. hahaha thats correct, ill be looking for the Jabob forge, and well start probably next week... thanks a lot
  3. Ensenada is good for fishing, i still would recomend, bahia de los angeles, for fishing and swiming with whale sharks, lovely town. thanks for the welcoming, of course sorry for the lame english, not my first language.
  4. Great work ill be lookin for the video
  5. Hi there I’m in Mexicali, Baja California, 2 hour drive from San Diego
  6. Hi there, my name is Jose, just sayin hi, i want to build my first forge, and start this amazing hobby / way of life. currently pursuing my engineering degree, work at a galvanizing company (quality supervisor / certified inspector), so i can get a bunch of steel with the metal distributors, hope it helps. im not gonna use Galvanized steel dont worry. been reading lots of info about knife making and forging iron, but i need to start hammering. cheers