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  1. Howdy everyone, just checking in to see how you all are doing. It is amazing how the art of hand forging has grown. Hope you all like touch marks we've made over the years. IForge friends keep your hammer dressed and anvil flat. God bless, Tom
  2. Thank you and I am glad you like your results. Looks awesome
  3. We now have a facebook example page for ideas of touch mark hand stamps. I do get a lot of questions about ideas so hopefully (if can search the facebook for Columbia Marking Tools) is will give you some great ideas. Here are just 2 of the many. Always ask for I-forge/Toms discount.
  4. Stamp man

    Hand stamp

    Just a cool one of many. If you want to see more pics let me know.
  5. I have post a few times about this. I give the Forum people a massive discount, but if you call our office ask to talk with Brad or Brian and tell them you were offered a forum discount from Tom (owner). We are the largest stamp manufacture in the world with 4 of the 7 certified master engravers in north America. This is our 50th year and have complete in house Metallurgist, Designers engineers testing large inventory of special steels for all applications and sizes. We will draw the stamp from your idea or sketch and send you a approval drawing prior to manufacturing. The business I do
  6. http://columbiamt.com/CMT-Hand-Tool-Marking/ Direct link to our Hand tool section in case you want to read up on the different ways & tools for hand stamping (know on this site as Touch Mark)
  7. Bill, for your simple 3 character standard Gothic font hand stamp (guessing at 3/16" character height) the charge would be 1 stamp for 21.00. 2 weeks for delivery. Everything is made in Michigan at my company since 1960. We do take paypal or charge cards Columbia Marking Tools 586-949-8400 ask for Brian or Brad and give them this price as I Forge forum members get a huge discount.
  8. If a steel stamp for marking your parts is what you need, we do this all day every day special or standard stamps Columbia Marking Tools phone is 586-949-8400 ask For Brian as he takes care of the forum guys (saves about 30 to 40 %). Or check us out on the web. Hand Tools - Columbia Marking Tools
  9. One other trick you can use for the heavy hammer guys. Take a thick hose like a heater hose or peice of hydralic hose and drill a hole in it. Then push the hand stamp in the hole. Using the rubber hose as a handle keeps your hand away and eliminates the shock. This also works for hand held forging tools.
  10. When I first read it I thought it said Beer Popper... got to get new glasses. When I click on the photo I thought thats strange ummm you must put the bottle top under the Bear's mouth and pry down...of course I then saw I was way off base. The art work is fantastic
  11. Fantastic work neat to see when power and art come together.
  12. Just thought I would post a simple trick we use when hand stamping (as called here on the forum touch mark) in the cold state. First stamp it in the soft anealed state (harden material will dull the stamp and not penetrate very well. A rule of thumb is 35Rc or under is ok to mark. You guys as forge/blacksmith know to use a solid back up and a heavy hammer (I use a mini mall around 2 pounds. Anyhow when stamping place a piece of masking tape on the material to be parked This will steady the stamp and prevent bounce back gost impressions. A quick wire brush accross th estamp after your d
  13. Guys I have been off line as per request of the forum owner and I repect his wishes and as I have said many times I am not here to make a buck. The work I do for the forum memebers is strickly as a favor. The kind of work we do as the number 1 rated engraving shop in the world would normally be very expensive. But I am gear head and love to work with anything metal so I offer our services at cost to members because you can go direct to us and not through distributers and so on. Anyhow call or e-mail my inside office guy if you need anything. Brad Byrne 586-949-8400 ext 17 bbyrne@columbiam
  14. Curly, I am really glad you like it. We made some pretty interesting 3D designs for this one. It was fun to do. Thanks for the good word:D
  15. Now thats what I like to hear. I hope our engineering & engravers treated you well. Enjoy:)
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