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  1. Nice find Bob. I'm sure an anvil guru will be along shortly with an idea. Have you read about not grinding or milling the face? Will ruin it.
  2. If you or someone you know is a competent welder you could maybe even weld the chisel end to the flat on the the side of the other end and use as a square horn.
  3. Here is hoping. If not I'll have to kick the bird out of my first forge. Not till after the chicks hatch though. Lol. Or I'll make a new set of frosty-T's and use the same box.
  4. Finished a few walls with insulation and drywall in the tiny house today. The big wooden cube is the landing for a split ladder for my kid to get into his loft bedroom. Trying to get a room fully insulated for A/C before Florida gets much hotter. Lol.
  5. I'm hoping I can avoid a reline. Already worried about the loss of space with the KOL.
  6. Maxwell's got that one right to be sure. Maxwell, please post pics when you get done. I stil havent gotten a chance to get mine done and would love any tips and/or pitfalls you could share.
  7. Scruffy, that's awsome. I'm jealous of those safety goggles. Those things are awsome.
  8. That looks great. What's the weight on it. Making sure you've read not to grind or mill the face. Just hammering hot steel is all it will take to have that face shining like new.
  9. Awsome. Glad to see they stepped up and took care of the issue quickly. I'm sure they will probably recheck their QC procedures from this point forward as well.
  10. I happen to like that colour. It's the same colour I painted a large bench vise I had restored a while back.
  11. Maxwell, Just be careful when you go to take them off. When on the struts like that they are under compression. If you arnt careful they can course some serious hurt.
  12. I'd say you have a nice heavy base for hardy tools to save the hardy on the new one they send you. Glad to see they are making it right.
  13. In the end they gain a valuable insight on a possable quality control issue. If the keep that under control I'm sure they will be a major force in the anvil market.