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  1. Can you see any dots between the weight stamp? (1.1.17). Mouseholes are also known for a ridge on the underside of the horn. I couldn't tell from your pictures.
  2. Beautiful anvil loneronin. Grabbed this 112 lb nc tool calvary anvil with stand, a few hardy tools and a portable bandsaw with a few extra blades. Got the anvil for my son to use but dont think I wont use it. I love my mousehole and will continue to be my main anvil but the thinner heel on the new anvil will come in handy along with the turning cams and a nice square hardy. My mousehole also doesn't have a pritchel hole.
  3. Love the knitting bowl JHCC. How much stock did it take to make that. I finally got around to trying a horse head opener. Fairly satisfied with my first attempt.
  4. Thanks. A buddy of mine hooked me up with a bucket full of scrap 5"x3"x1/4" stainless plate. They work out perfect for flower bases.
  5. Like those scissors Frazer. I thought I'd attempt an Easter lily with the holiday coming up. Happy with the outcome for first attempt.
  6. Pnut I was given some interlocking fire brick for my forge. I have plenty extra if you want some.
  7. Very nice hammerheart I've yet to make tongs. Something I need to do. Finished this thing for my dad's church desk.
  8. Maybe both our heads together would equal one then. Love the nail header Billybones and good to see the mouse is still around to approve your work.
  9. Pnut to avoid those forging withdrawals when you get you a mode of transportation you're more than welcome to come to my shop anytime. I'm usually out there in the evenings and on the weekends. I believe we started into this around the same time last year so I wont be a good one to learn anything from but I would enjoy the company. This forum is the only place were I get to talk with others that have the same interests as myself.
  10. Fowllife thanks and love those hooks. Really like the feather one, might have to attempt one myself. I believe the petals were around 18 gauge. Then I used a welding/chipping hammer to do the texturing.
  11. I remember reading that somewhere on here before and had intentions on doing that. Just never got around to picking some up. Maybe next time if I can remember.
  12. Hammered out a few leaves. These are for some roses I'm making for valentine's day.
  13. That's awesome pnut. Congrats
  14. Nice 450. Here's a quick little heart opener. Passed testing
  15. Height, length, width. What'd ya give for it if ya dont mind sayin. And depending on where you're located would determine what's a great buy. Anvil prices can vary widely depending on location.
  16. Nice anvil. Can't help ya on the origins but fishers are good anvils. They have a cast iron body which makes them much quieter than wrought or steel bodied anvils. Any other markings on it? Weight?
  17. Thank you direwolf. This was a basement of an old house. A buddy sent me that picture asking me if I knew what it was. Thank you for solving the mystery lol. I figured with all the knowledgeable people on here it was my best bet to figure it out. My searches were coming up empty
  18. Wasnt sure where to put this so everything else it is. Does anyone have an idea of what this is. Cast iron measures almost 3 foot from top to bottom.
  19. My first attempt at one of those tentacle bottle openers. I think next one I'll start with a little bigger stock and taper it more.
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