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  1. I count 54 anvils! Even at a low estimate of 100 pounds each, that is 5400 pounds on a 2 inch piece of wood. Now I am even more confused!
  2. In the njanvilman pics above, in the middle picture I'm trying to figure out how anvils stacked 5 high appear to be on a 2 inch board with no bend? what am i missing? I've stared w envy at those pictures for a long while!
  3. Hello again.. Im the Canadian who got you all to identify my blue and yellow 448b peter wright. Thanks again for the help there Now I'm looking at a smaller manageable anvil. The seller has 2 the exact same.. The 2 pictures i have look like the overall condition is good, edges look decent. Im just not sure about the face being dented and rusty. Any help on what you think and about how much i should possibly pay and anvil brand much appreciated. guesses on weight?
  4. I guess all i need is about 3 more of them!! at the same good price!
  5. I was going to do like the one fella said and leave only the blue paint but since we can't get a consensus i may have to wire wheel the stamp area soon..did hay button anvils have a circular stamp word "wrought"? and the big H's on the front base is still confusing?
  6. any guesses on a manufacturer fellas?
  7. looking online I'm now guessing it may be a peter wright because of the "wraught" circle around the middle weight "0" ?? did other makers use this circle stamp also? but that doesn't explain the big H on the under horn foot? age ideas?
  8. Mr powers..i dont have much platinum left so it will be a thin plate! Jme1149 the lead does not scare me, how do you think i got this way?! Now seriously..a few pictures to pass on for help The one is of the front base under the horn. Just a big "h" one on each side The bottom picture The overall anvil with a diet pepsi for scale Lastly the one which may tell all. It has 4 0 0 across the middle all spaced a few inches. Around the middle "0" and below it i can make out "ought" i assume its wrought and its in a circle around the middle 0. I think the picture shows it. Thanks for all the help fellas. Here are the pictures
  9. So I assume its a wire wheel then some boiled linseed oil? Best option" Wanna do it tomorrow just to see any markings.
  10. UPDATE its mine! went to look at it and pictures did it no justice! it was way bigger than i expected, and in way way better shape than expected! i did the rebound and ring tests and all good. no signs of any face repair ever. great anvil overall. the guy guessed it was about a hundred years old and he got it from a cprail shop that closed years ago. the only mark i see so far is a big H on the base below the horn.. when i get it home i will clean the paint off it. is a wire wheel best or should i try paint remover first or?
  11. Sorry for needing all the help and sounding like an anvil rookie, but its what i am! Im going to look at it tomorrow. I have a ball bearing and hammer to check rebound and sound. If those both seem good then what should i look for on the face to tell if its been tampered with other than say grinder marks?
  12. not sure of weight ,or how to find out until after i buy it. i guess if i can't budge it ,its over 300lbs. if i xxxx myself its more! i will get a ball bearing before going to see it and try it out. thats good old canadian $ , so a bit over 600 usa dollars
  13. Another Picture of the top, How does it look? That's the only 2 I have of it. $800.00 is the asking price, Should I grab it?
  14. Hello fellas new here to the forum. I'm in ontario canada and looking at an anvil for sale locally.. its a big one but no markings in the pics i have. 38 inches long 15 tall and a 6 inch wide top. ok shape i think? any guesses what it may be or a price i should pay? thanks guys