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  1. Thanks for everyone’s comments so far, it’s making interesting reading! The marks are definitely stamped into the anvil. I’ve attached some more reference pictures showing the various holes. The ones on either side don’t go all the way through, maybe 3-4 inches. I’ll try to get it on the scales sometime this weekend and also get a picture underneath.
  2. Brill, thank you Twisted Willow. I was reading a post earlier discussing the way they were manufactured, would this be forged wrought iron?
  3. Hi, My dad is downsizing so he's given me the task of selling some of his bits. He has this John Brooks anvil that he wants to part with, I'm pretty sure it's quite an old one but I can't figure out the weight. The stamp is hard to read but on side it says - - Brooks backwards 'B' logo - John Brooks - Stourbridge - Warranted On the other side it says - ? 3 6 Not sure if there is a number stamped or it's blank? I've attached some pics, should have put something next to it for a bit of size context but it's not huge. We're in the UK. Thanks for your help. Jack
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