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  1. This is the first thing that I have done. Pretty sure that I was supposed to heat treat before sharpening, but I got excited with the bench grinder. I only have some ancient tongs, so I couldn't get a grip on it after I cut it off to do anything to the handle. So I just put it in the vise and bent it the way it looks. Is it too late to heat treat it since I sharpened it some or can it still be done. Also just some general pointers and advise. Thanks
  2. It's ugly and crooked, but it'll do until I know what I'm doing.
  3. Thanks guys. I'll build stand for it.
  4. I did a little digging and the SS number on the Anvil belonged to a Paul Stallings from the Knoxville area. Born in April 1912, died August 99.
  5. When does one use the post leg vise? I have found a 100 videos on youtube of people restoring them, but I never actually see them in action. I restored a 6" Iron City vise, but I have not mounted it to anything yet because I really don't know when it comes into play.
  6. Is there a donation button somewhere or is purchasing merchandise the correct way?
  7. haha, I don't even know what the spike is for. Anyways, the stars are finally aligning. I have an anvil, hammer and my 1 burner Hell's Forge gas forge is supposed to be here next week. What would you guys suggest a newbie begin with?
  8. You can make out the H part of the L and the E pretty good in this pic
  9. I think I can make out a H LE under the 09. Maybe a mouse hole?
  10. It weighs 93.4 or 94.3 on the scale. Can't remember now. Still don't see any other marks after a wire wheel. What else could 0.3.1 or U. 3.1 mean? Type of steel perhaps?
  11. hmm, okay thanks. I'll try to clean it up a bit and see if any other markings are on it. There is no pritchel hole.
  12. Well, I run across this today. Hopefully I did better than the cast iron anvil It's in rough shape, but looks plenty usable to me. The numbers as far as I can tell are 413-09-449 8 It also has a letter U some . . and possibly a 17. Feels like 100 lbs to me. I don't have a ball bearing for a bounce test, but it does ring nicely. Anyone know what it is? Lady found it in a barn in speedwell TN
  13. Thanks everyone for the info. My grandmother has located her dad's anvil at one of her nephews house. He said it was a number 5 anvil? Not sure what that is, but it should be old. Hopefully it will be what I need.
  14. Found this axe head in my grandpa's basement. (southeast KY) Has a triangle heart marking on it. I can't find anything on Google about it. Anyone on here know anything about it?
  15. Ok, I only gave $150 for it. I am just starting, so hopefully it will be good enough to learn on, and then I can upgrade. Anything that I should not attempt with it? Thanks for the info.
  16. Got a blower, and some vises off my grandpa after he passed. I decided to clean it up. The first pictures were after scraping off about a 1/8" of grease. The last pics are of it with two coats of rust converter and gold Rustoleum spray paint I did with a small brush for the letters. I ordered a gas forge, but plan on building a coke forge later. It works perfectly as far as I can tell.
  17. Ok, I'll have to find me a ball bearing. I was doing a test with the weight of a hammer bounce.
  18. I just moved to TN from KY. I inherited a bunch of my grandpa's old stuff, and I decided to restore it all. (Post leg vise, bench vise, Champion 40 blower.) While I was restoring everything, I decided that I wanted to try my hand at forging. I picked up a 100 lb anvil yesterday and ordered a small one burner gas forge that will hopefully be here by next week to play with, . I just wanted to say hello, and if anyone lives close to New Tazewell TN, I would love to come out and learn a few tricks. You can only get so much info from a youtube video.
  19. Brought this Iron City 6" post vise back to life. My grandpa got it off one of his worker's dad's back in the 60's. I cleaned it up with a wire wheel and put two coats of corroseal rust converter on it. I also cleaned up and painted the other vise pictured. I don't know what brand it is and the only markings on it is (20 7)
  20. I am completely new to all this, but it seems to thud more than ring. The rebound seems to be good going off my limited knowledge of it.
  21. I picked up this sears 5162, 100 lb anvil yesterday, and I am having trouble finding any information about it online. Does anyone know the age and quality of these anvils? The old guy I got it off of said he bought it in 1981 or 82, but didn't know anything else about it. Thanks
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