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  1. First skinning knife on the new pheer grinder, and the first time using a small wheel attachment. The finger grooves really make a good feeling knife. Now for a sheath.
  2. killbox21

    Old Legvise ID

    I used Corruseal rust converter on mine with good results. Great looking vise
  3. Almost got my horizontal bench mod done. I plan on drilling more holes so I can mount it with the bench dog holes, that way it's fully removable.
  4. It probably didn't even need it since I had to lube it up to slide it into the rubber sleeve, but 5" muffler clamps were a perfect fit and will not interfere with the 2.5 vacuum connection.
  5. While I wait on my drive wheel to arrive, I made a tree for the grinder attachments. Welds aren't pretty but they'll hold. Now for some paint.
  6. I have the 6" version and use it almost daily. Great vise.
  7. Thanks guys, I will have a better idea once I get the grinder going. I was looking at a dust deputy type apparatus.
  8. I have a pheer grinder coming next week, and in preparation for it I have been working on this shavings catcher. I need a small piece of pipe to attach a blast gate for the vaccuum when working with wood. I will cut the 4 inch pipe to size once the grinder shows up. Going to run it all the way through the sleeve and have it a few inches above the water. Any other recommendations for this setup? I am really sick of the dust.
  9. After getting burned when my vise moved on me the other day, I decided it was time for a more permanent solution. Used some steel my buddy gave me off some gas wells and put concrete anchors through it. Only one in each corner for now, but I have 2 more holes if need be. You can see my old railroad tie vise post in the background.
  10. Since no place around here had a 9/16 fitting for the needle valve, I had the auto parts guy make me up a hydraulic line and got it going. No leaks, let it run about 15 minutes wide open. Any downside to this? He said the hose was rated for 5100 psi. So I don't see that being an issue.
  11. Here are a few that I have made over the last little bit. The dice one I used a drill press to make the dots.
  12. While I wait on a new regulator to arrive. I decided to clean it up some.
  13. Good idea on the hose rerouting. Thanks. I may replace all these hoses,it all looks old.
  14. Thanks everyone. I also found a valley brand forge that looks similar, except that it has a door on the back. I did find another leak right where it goes into the tank, so I won't be able to see what it's really got until I replace that.
  15. I cleaned it up a little. I don't see any markings anywhere. It has been well used from the looks of it.
  16. killbox21

    Forge ID

    I just traded an Alaskan ulu I made for this old 2 burner forge. She said her husband was a farrier before he died if that helps. I fixed some leaks and a stuck valve. It fired right up.
  17. Thanks for the replies. I wasn't really going for anything other than practice. I bought some cheap rebar so I wouldn't be wasting time on expensive materials. As far as the shape, I was just messing with bends on the horn vs the side of the anvil and then bending them back. I am working with a bench grinder and angle grinder with sanding disk for now, but have started looking for a belt grinder/sander. I have been watching videos and reading this forum none stop. I plan on attempting some different tongs with the rebar this weekend. Thanks again.
  18. Been playing around with rebar making knives. Had to work on a boat all weekend so I didn't get back into it until Monday. While they aren't the prettiest things, I do feel like I'm getting better with the hammer. I started messing with paracord for the handles. What do you think?
  19. Can you please suggest or link some good all round tongs? I am completely new to this. Thanks in advance
  20. I don't even know what 1045 is. Lol. I bought 3 pieces of 10 ft rebar to play with until I get my hammering technique down. I saw a leaf on another post I am going to attempt, but I really need to try to make some tongs or buy some. I can't believe how fun it was making that.
  21. Wow, looks awesome, I am going to attempt a leaf.
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